Agri Fert Calogyen

It plays an important role in the formation and ripening of pollen, fertilization and fruit set due to the presence of boron.

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Technical Office
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1. Agri Fert Calogyen plays an important role in the formation and maturity of pollen, fertilization and fruit holding for the presence of boron.
2. Agri Fert Calogyen leads to the prevention of plants from many diseases such as pink limb rot, hollow heart in potatoes, bitter taste in apples, discoloration of grapes in brown after harvest, decomposition of the internal tissues of plum fruits, burning of the edges of leaves in lettuce, discoloring the disc in brown in cauli flower.
3. Agri Fert Calogyen is performed to strengthen the leg and leaves and increase the plant's ability to withstand plants for adverse weather conditions such as high temperature and frost, as well as sudden exposure to dehydration or lack of water in the soil.
4. Agri Fert Calogyen is very effective in stretching irrigation because calcium and magnesium are absorbed easily absorbed and stable in irrigation solution in various conditions.
5. Agri Fert Calogyen plays an important role in the construction of chlorophyll molecules and the counting of enzymes, protein building and stimulates the formation of plant hormones.
6. Agri Fert Calogyen supports the construction of the cell wall, increasing the rigidity of plant tissue and fruits and increasing their ability to resist diseases and improve their quality and freshness for long storage periods.
7. The process ingested as a calcium and magnesium deficiency, especially in alkaline lands where plants are less able to absorb elements, as in Egyptian territories.
8. Agri Fert Calogyen plays a big role in the success of fertilization and fruit holding.
9. Agri Fert Calogyen experiment encourages the growth of the radical total, leading to strong and healthy growth and consequently a bumper harvest.
10. Agri Fert Calogyen is activating the formation of green plastids by a large percentage of up to 60% and is responsible for photosynthesis.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

 Use dosage based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage.

6 L 7 L

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