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Enhances nutrient utilization efficiency

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High-potassium and phosphorus pure fertilizer in a liquid form that is easy to dissolve and quickly absorb Through leaves or roots, the new generation of plant fertilizers which contain many additives that enhance and speed up the effect of the compound and give more than the benefit of the plant Natural additions to the compound (amino acids & Fulvic acid & microelements complex on genosulfons &Amp; nitrophenols &vitamins)

1. The ease of Dissolving and the superior ability to absorb through the vegetative and rootin total.
2. High purity is free of chlorine and impurities harmful to the plant and human health.
3. Activates the enzymes of light representation and breathing and contributes to the building of cellulose and chlorophyll in the plant.
4. Increases the ability of plants to retain water and nutrients and thus resist drought and injury to wilting and sagging leaves as well as resistance to rapid impact by frost and high heat and bear the conditions of the dead and the resistance of many diseases and agricultural excesses.
5. It increases mechanical tissue that increases the hardness of the jelly and the resistance to the sand, as in wheat.
6. It activates the growth of proteins and increases the concentration of O2
7. Stimulates Representation process, thus empower the protein content needed for growth.
8. Activates the physiological processes needed to increase the skills and stabilize the nodes.
9. Mixing with most leafy fertilizers and pesticides commonly used and preferably pre-mixing testing.

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