Agri Fert Nitro

high nitrogen liquid fertilizer with rapid absorption through the vegetative total and roots.

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Technical Office
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1. Nitro vert dissolves completely in the soil and quickly turns into nitrogen among daily and
then into an easy-to-absorb nitrous.
2. The nitro vert contains the plant's important liquid nitrogen element as nitrogen is an
indispensable component of protein synthesis and works to grow the plant properly.
3. Nitro vert is performed prevents the phenomenon of plant dwarfism and the palace of
4. Virt Nitro Ham has been conducted for all vital processes that occur in the plant to
manufacture organic matter from carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fats, scallops,
energy-carrying compounds such as ATP and others, and in his absence the plant cannot
complete its life cycle.
5. The nitro vert is a pump that increases the ability of plants to absorb more phosphorus,
potassium and many nutrients in the soil.
6. The nitro vert contains the nitrogen element important for cell division and reproduction,
as well as the synthesis of amino acids in the plant and enzymes needed to create protein,
build cellular membranes, and in the construction of vitamins.
7. Nitro vert is involved in the important chlorophyll synthesis of photosynthesis and cytochromes needed to complete oxidation and breathing processes.
8. The Nitro Vert is working to increase the activity of soil-beneficial bacteria.

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All crops 

6 L 7 L

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