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• All major nutrients are available in a single product in equal proportion

Technical Office
Technical Office
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The family of water soluble fertilizers covers the full range of plant nutrients required for optimum plant nutrition.
Fertilizers and effective fertilization methods have become the main solution to the ever-increasing demand for agricultural products. Modern agriculture must provide crops with optimum levels of nutrients throughout the growth cycle in the most efficient manner possible, and without degrading soil and water resources that are fully soluble.
Formulated with 100% phytonutrients.
It is virtually free of chloride, sodium and other harmful elements for plating.
It is efficiently absorbed by plants.
High quality additives to increase efficiency and benefit from crops

 Suitable for both foliar spray and drip irrigation

 All major nutrients are available in one product in equal proportions

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

 Use dosage based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage. However, do not mix with fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium salts .

1 kg 3 kg

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