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Abu Qir Fertilizers

Abu Qir Fertilizers is a national company that has an inveterate history since its foundation. The company was established according to the Ministerial Decree No. 374 of 1976 and it is currently subject to the law No. 159 of 1981,as of August 1996 it is one of the Egyptian joint stock companies.

During its deep- rooted history the company was able to serve the Egyptian citizen in all sincerity and dedication to stand by his side all the time in his own success as an essential partner, also the company was able to be a leader either in Egypt or in its region, it represents the backbone of the Egyptian industry sector.

Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. is the largest producer of the Nitrogen fertilizers in Egypt, since it currently contributes a percentage of about 70% of the domestic production volume. Destined forward to achieve its strategy in supporting the national economy and solving the most important issues, which related with the continuation of life that Egypt is suffering from , namely, the problem of food in Egypt.