Product details

Manvert Phosk 50

Product details

Protection nutritional new direction concept



Concentration (w/v %)

Phosphorus ( P2O5)

42 %

Potassium ( K2OO



Liquid fertilizer contains Phosphorus and Potassium easily absorbed by plants through leaves or root system due to its high systematic movement.

Manvert Phosk 50 Features:


  • Manvert Phosk 50 combines Phosphorus with potassium in one liquid complex which allows well mixing with water and other elements.
  • Manvert Phosk 50 supplies plant with Phosphorus and potassium elements which are important for growth.
  • Manvert Phosk 50 works on Phosphorus and potassium deficiency correction.
  • High percentage of Phosphorus in Manvert Phosk 50 exists in form of Phosphite.
  • Manvert Phosk 50 enhance the plant natural defense system against many Fungal diseases specially Powdery Mildew, root rot in Cucurbitaceae, citrus fungal gummosis, dead arm mildew, Monilia in olives, Late blightin tomatoes and potato.
  • Reduced phosphorus in Manvert Phosk 50 increases antibodies inside the plants.
  • Reduced phosphorus in Manvert Phosk 50 provides plant with secondary and trace elements.
  • Potassium in Manvert Phosk 50 increases concentration of mineral salts in sap, which lead to increasing plant resistance to stress and frost.
  •   Potassium in Manvert Phosk 50 decreases transpiration and increase drought resistance.
  • Potassium in Manvert Phosk 50 involves in photosynthesis and carbohydrate synthesis.
  • Manvert Phosk 50 helps creating strong root system and gives consistency to the tissues.
  • Manvert Phosk 50 works on balancing between increasing flower number, nodes and green growth in plant
  • Manvert Phosk 50 has low PH (5) which helps in rising absorption rate.


Ability of mixing: Manvert Phosk 50 could be mixed with most foliar fertilizers e except alkalis fertilizers and those which contain Copper also could be mixed with pesticides and Fungicides that are commonly used except mineral oil, or with alkalis, elemental sulfur or dimethoate. (Experiment should be done first)


  • in case of necessary using any Copper complex, Manvert Phosk 50 should be applied after not less than 20 days, or copper complex should be applied after Manvert Phosk 50 with not less than 10 days.



Manvert Phosk 50 can be absorbed throw leaves and roots, can be applied on all crops.

Application rate: spraying on green area with rate 300 – 500 cm3 / 100 L water depending on deficiency rate, or in irrigation water with rate 1.5 L / acre.



Bottles 1L, 5 L, 20 L, 1000L