Agronom Ferrix is a fertilizer containing iron at a concentration of 6% in chelated form on EDDHA.

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* Fertilizer containing iron at a concentration of 6% in chelated form on EDDHA in the form of concentrated, homogeneous, balanced and highly efficient small granules that absorb iron      at different pH levels and treat iron deficiency.
* Made of pure, easy and fast absorbing materials because it contains the chelating substance EDDHA, which results in a complex quickly decomposing and soluble in water at a higher       degree than other chelating materials.
* Fast effect on the plant due to the high percentage of Ortho Para, which is usually not high in other products.
* Easy to dissolve in water to compensate for iron deficiency in alkaline soil, which works to stabilize iron in it and prevent the plant from benefiting from it.
* It stimulates the formation of chlorophyll in the plant, so it is important for treating the pallor of the leaves and responsible for the photosynthesis process in the plant, which leads to a        strong vegetative complex.
* Agronum ferex is used for all field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, grapes and ornamentals.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

Fruit trees, Citrus, Pine

24 gm 40 gm


2.4 gm 4 gm


400 gm 400 gm


4 gm 8 gm

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