Liquid fertilizer contains Nitrogen and phosphorus which are important to plant, also rich with Molybdenum an important element to plants. composition Concentration Molybdenum 3,75 % Nitrogen 7,4 % Phosphorus 14,8 % Amino acids 5,0 % Organic acids 0,43 %

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  1. • Manvert Fruitsetter contains molybdenum, Nitrogen and phosphorus with high concentration which insure good photosynthesis.
  2. • Manvert Fruitsetter contains amino acids, phosphorus and nitrogen which enhance the assimilation and effectiveness of molybdenum.
  3. • Manvert Fruitsetter helps controlling Vegetative growth and enhances plant genes.
  4. • Manvert Fruitsetter specifically produced to increase crop productivity.
  5. • Manvert Fruitsetter appropriate to correct and prevent molybdenum deficiencies in all crops especially those in which molybdenum is essential for good plant development such as cucurbits (cucumber, melon, watermelon, zucchini … etc).
  6. • Manvert Fruitsetter motivates physiological processes needed to increase flowering and fixing nodes.
  7. • Different sources of nitrogen lead to speed absorption by plant. • Balanced PH (7) which is Very appropriate leaf PH number.
  8. • Molybdenum in Manvert Fruitsetter works on : o Proper pollen production o Increase pollen grains fertility which insures the existence of good flowers, good node, and better fruit size. o Proper nitrogen assimilation by plant due that catalyses the conversion of nitric to protein. o Molybdenum could be absorbed very fast and also essential in creating several enzymes.
  9. • Manvert Fruitsetter has high percentage of phosphorous which work as: o Roots activation, increase plant ability to absorb trace elements from soil and insure energy in all age levels. o Improve molybdenum assimilation , increase flowering, node and increase growth, increase plant resistance all environmental conditions ( cold, heat, wind, rain, Salinity, stress period )
  10. • Amino Acids in Manvert Fruitsetter helps in: o Enhance the vegetative growth o Increase plant hormone production inside the plant. o Enhance the crop during and after a stress period. o Improve nutrient uptake by the plant.
  11. • Amino acids in form of glutamic acid which give the plant its needs from amino acids in all growth levels which leads to increase immunity inside the plant.
  12. • Manvert fruitsetter used as a fertilizer to all crops, vegetables and fruits in different growth levels.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

From 4 to 5 real leaves

100 C 200 C

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Bottles 1L , 5 L, 20 L, 1000L

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