Grogreen Fertamin

The ideal solution for stimulating root growth, vegetative growth and stress resistance, to stimulate flowering, and to improve contract and production.

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Technical Office
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Grogreen Fertamin contains free amino acids from a plant source that have different roles in many physiological functions and increase the plant's resistance to stress conditions.
Amino acids are the main component of proteins involved in several functions: plant growth, enzymes necessary for metabolic processes, vitamin formation, and growth hormones.
In stressful conditions such as thirst and salts, amino acids control the opening and closing of the stomata at the bottom of the leaves, thus preventing transpiration and preserving water inside the plant
Fertamin, with its distinctive formula, stimulates root growth after germination or transplantation, and stimulates the plant to flower, improving knots and production.
The presence of major nutrients (nitrogen - phosphorous - potassium) increases the role of nutritional fertamin when used in various stages of plant growth

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

Grogreen Fertamin is used on various cultures.

1.25 L 2 L

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