A mixture of elements to maintain all nutrients in case of deficiency or during the stages of maximum needs of the plant.

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  • Soluble Fertilizer keeps Balance of Nutrients inside Plant.
  • It contains Trace elements, all NPK and Trace elements with available form for Plant in balanced Combination and totally soluble which insure an easy to use way as well as rapid results.
  • It used Periodically in a lot of Plants to keep Balance between all food elements and improve food level inside the plant.
  • Used as Rapid absorption Source for Nutrients in Case of shortage or extreme need in plant.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

(Wheat, Beet sugar....etc) seed in Vegetative growth Stage Repeat use after 7-14 days if it necessary.

450 gm 950 gm

Use in Vegetative growth Stage and repeat after tubers form stage. Then repeat many times during Season until one Month before collecting.

450 gm 950 gm

(Citrus-Grapes- Apple-peach-Apricot-Mango-Banana-Olive) - Start using in Spring repeat use after Nodes and during Fruit growing stage It is advised to repeat Treatment after harvesting.

450 gm 950 gm

(Tomato-Watermelon-Melon-Cucumber-Onions-Garlic-Strawberry-etc) - use after seedling with 10-15 days then repeat periodically till the end of season.

450 gm 950 gm

Use it periodically with 7-14 days interval Foliar Spray with 75 -150gm/100 cc water dilution rate per Acre 450-950 gm/ 600 cc Water/acre.

450 gm 950 gm

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