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Headland Glow contains a blend of chemicals that soften and condition the water and optimize the pesticide or fertilizer application: -

  • Complexed acidifiers to reduce PH and minimize hydrolysis.
  • Long-chain polymer based water softener.
  • Sequestering agents to isolate cationic contaminants.
  • Buffering agents to improve tank-mixing compatibility.
  • Spreading and sticking agents to enhance foliar cover.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

The doses of Headland Glow vary according to the quality of the water used: -

  • Soft Water: use of 0.51/1000 It water (0.05% or 100mI/200 It).
  • Medium/hard water: use of 1 litre /1000 It water (0.1% or 200mI/200 It).
  • Hard water: use of 2 litres /1000 It water (0.2% or 400m1/200 lit).
0.5 L 2 L

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