Headland Molybdenum

Headland Molybdenum is inorganic Liquid formulation designed for cost – effective correction of molybdenum deficiency in crops. Molybdenum is essential to the plant in small amount for fixation of nitrogen by enzyme systems and for nitrate reduction.

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Technical Office
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Liquid mineral fertilizer fully soluble in water to correct molybdenum deficiency in various crops.
It contains substances that maintain the stability of the compound and other adhesive and diffuser materials that increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer spread on the leaves and increase the speed of its absorption.
Easy to absorb under different pH conditions of soil and water.
It increases the plant's ability to form ascorbic acid.
It is a nitrogen-free compound and therefore can be used in different stages of growth.
A safe compound free of harmful substances for plants such as chlorine, sulfates and sodium.
Increasing the plant's ability to represent nitrogen, as the molybdenum element enters the nitrogen reduction process directly, as it acts as a co-factor for the enzymes necessary for the metabolism processes.
It contains a high concentration of molybdenum, which ensures an increase in the ability of treated plants to fix nitrogen N2 to NH3, especially in leguminous plants, and in poor sandy lands.
Molybdenum is necessary for plants in small quantities for nitrogen fixation and nitrate reduction.
Molybdenum deficiency affects many crops, but especially (citrus, melon, cauliflower, and lettuce).

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

Headland molybdenum compound can be used in all types of crops, fruits and vegetables in different stages of growth

0.25 L 0.5 L

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