A liquid complex based on calcium that applied for correcting deficiencies and to provide additional quantities of this element in order to improve the quality and consistency of the fruits.

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Manvert Pro-cal is used to prevent and correct calcium deficiency in all types of crops.
Manvert Pro-cal is complex on organic matter, which facilitates its movement within the plant, increases its absorption, and reduces the toxicity of the boron element.
Manvert Pro-cal increases the uptake of nitrogen "nitrate" and prevents the accumulation of sugars and starches on the cell wall.
Manvert Pro-cal works to neutralize the acids produced by cells, especially during protein formation and its transformations, and prevent harmful effects.
• Calcium in Manvert Pro-cal is an essential component of cell wall and cell membranes.
• It activates the meristematic tissues in the developing apex. It also enters the formation of cell walls and works to maintain the chromosome structure.
• It plays an important role in the movement and transfer of carbohydrates in the plant. Because it is an activator of some enzymes responsible for the division, Phospholipase Adenosine Kinase Argin Triphosphate.
Manvert Pr-cal is necessary in the formation of flowers because it is involved in the success of the fertilization process.
Manvert Pro-cal prevents or stops the fall of flowers and fruits.
Manvert Pro-cal helps to improve the properties of the fruits.
 Improving the quality of fruits and obtaining higher quality fruits
 Increase the firmness and cohesion of the fruits
 Increasing the bearing of fruits in transportation
 Increasing the storage period of fruits after harvest.

• It is recommended to use Manvert Pro-cal during all stages of crop growth, especially during the stage of fruit set and growth.
• Regulates the movement of water inside the plant, which reduces leaching. It is characterized by the pH (4) appropriate for the presence of lignosulfonic.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

• Manvert Pro-cal is suitable for use on all types of crops, fruits and vegetables, and increases its resistance to diseases.

300 c 500 c

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