Manvert Pro-Cup is a liquid fertilizer containing copper complex on copper lignosulfonate in an easily absorbed form.

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Manvert Pro-Cup is used to prevent and correct copper deficiency in all types of crops.
Manvert Pro-Cup is complex on an organic matter, which facilitates its movement within the plant and increases its absorption.
Manvert Pro-Cup can be used throughout the year, but preferably in the spring, at the beginning of the vegetative growth phase and growth activity in the crop.
Manvert Pro-Cup improves the level of copper in the plant, which leads to:
 Increasing plant resistance to many fungal pathogens.
 Neutralization of some toxic substances in the soil.
 Regulating the oxidation and reduction process.
• Copper in Manvert Pro-Cup is an activator of many enzymes such as cytochrome oxidase, ascorbic oxidase, which plays an important role in oxygen reduction.
• The copper in Manvert Pro-Cup plays an important role in the process of nitrogen fixation and protein metabolism.
• The copper in Manvert Pro-Cup is necessary for the formation of amino acids, protein and carbohydrates
• Copper in Manvert Pro-Cup is included in the formation of vitamin A in the plant.
Manvert Pro-Cup has a pH (4) suitable for the presence of lignosulfonic.

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Manvert Pro-Cup Fertilizer is absorbed by both the shoot and root system, so it can be used in foliar and ground application.

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