Liquid fertilizer contains iron elements along with Sulfur and Lignosulfonic acid that are important to plant.

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  • Manvert Pro-Fer helps correcting iron deficiency because it is easily recognized and easily absorbed by plant.
  • Assimilation in Manvert Pro-Fer is better than a chelate iron, because of having  natural complexing agent
  • Manvert Pro-Fer  has special formulation of iron "water soluble" and metal sulfur with Lignosulphonic acid
  • Iron water soluble in Manvert Pro-Fer works on improving:
    • Respiratory process which improve vital processes inside the plants.
    • Chlorophyll formulation due to relationship between the supply of iron and the chlorophyll content.
    • Enzymes activation and involves in formulating some of them
    • Nitrates reduction.
    • Nitrogen Fixation which helps in electron transfer system.
    • Protein metabolism
    • oxide, reduction process
    • photosynthesis
  • Sulfur water soluble in Manvert Pro-Fer
    • Creating Amino acids
    • Speeding growth process
    • Protection effect against fungus
    • Increase essential oils, volatile oils and dyes inside the plant.
    • Increase plant benefit from iron
  • Manvert Pro-Fer has PH (4) due to Sulfur and Lignosulphonic acid

Manvert Pro-Fer could be used in all plant stages with no side effect on plants

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

Can be absorbed through leaves and roots.

250 c 300 c

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