Liquid fertilizer contains high percentage of zinc complexes on lignosulfonic Acid which is important for plant.

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  • Manvert pro-Zinc has special combination of zinc important for growth perfection, also suitable for plant needs.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc is suitable to prevent and correct zinc deficiencies in all kind of crops.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc important for carbohydrate metabolism and also involved in photosynthesis.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc helps in activation of enzymes and promoting growing hormones.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc works on regulating internodes and increase green buds formation.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc being in liquid form makes it better dissolution and better water miscibility.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc has great ability to increase offshoots in grain crops like (Wheat, Barley and rice) which increase production.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc has acid PH (4) which allows better absorption and better agrochemicals compatibility.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc contains complexed zinc elements on especial group of Lignosulphonic which has high complication; also this group works to speed zinc absorpation because plant can easily define this group.
  • Zinc involves in creating amino acids which is Significant in creating auxin ( indole acetic acid) the hormone  that helps  increasing plant growth.
  • Zinc plays important role in creating nucleic acids and protein synthesis.
  • Manvert pro-Zinc safe use in all crops growing stages especially in fruit formation and coloring.

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Manvert pro-Zinc works as fertilizer to all kinds of crops, fruits and vegetables.

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