Unigreen Turbo Ca-B

A powerful natural biological compound specially made for use in all fruit and ornamental plant gardens.

Technical Office
Technical Office
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• It works to improve the construction and specifications of the soil and increases its ability to retain water.
• Due to the ability of amino acids to chelate, it increases the plant's ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.
• It works to strengthen the plant's immune system, as it increases the plant's vital capacity (physiological activity) to withstand different stress conditions, whether high temperature, frost, thirst or dust storms, as well as increases the ability of girls to resist plants for many plant diseases, whether fungal (such as molds and downy mildew) Or viral and nematode.
• It works on improving growth specifications, stabilizing the contract, increasing production and improving the quality of fruits.
• The compound contains the amino acid proline, which plays a major role in increasing the plant's resistance to stress resulting from the increased concentration of salts in the soil or irrigation water.
• It works to resist the stress and wilting that occurs to cut flowers and ornamental plants after picking and keep them fresh for a long time after picking.
• Treats yellow and brown spots that appear in green areas, as amino acids have a major role in resisting the stress causing this phenomenon and quickly restoring the plant.
• It activates photosynthesis and raises its efficiency, as it activates the formation of chlorophyll and activates the process of pollination and fruit set.
• It activates the growth of the root system and the speed of plant growth. It also speeds up the ripening of fruits and the earlyness of the crop.
• Treats damage to plants resulting from the use of pesticides, especially herbicides.

Crop Application Data Min L / Fed / Appl Max L / Fed / Appl

4 - 6 times starting from the vegetative growth stage.

100 C 150 C

3-4 times starting from the stage of the contract until the stage of fruits and maturity.

100 C 150 C

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